Soccer has moved away from one-dimensional play, where forwards only focus on scoring, midfielders solely link the play, and backs primarily defend. The game has evolved to emphasize a collective team effort. Players now have dual responsibilities, adapting to the flow of the game based on ball possession. When our team has the ball, all […]


Imagine a D-7 mandate for referees to wear conspicuous colored shirts to act as a visual reminder resulting in a paradigm shift in adult behavior. Young referees have started wearing purple shirts in a bid to cut out the verbal abuse they often get. The Cheltenham Youth Football League initiative puts referees aged 18 and […]

Apprentice Referee Initiative Garners Lively Responses

Words cannot express the special ‘thank you’ these individuals deserve for their responses to the “An Initiative That Virtually Suppresses Referee Abuse’ article. Hopefully, you will glean some ideas that will help improve the working environment for your apprentice referees.  How Hard Is It To Just Respect a Fellow Human Being?         Most refs do the job because they […]

Intentionally Supporting Our Players

In my last article, “Inadvertently Failing Our Players,” I stated that relying on FUN games limits young soccer players’ growth and development, hindering them from reaching their full potential.  The beauty of soccer is that it is simple to play – all you need is a ball, objects for goals, and a few friends. This […]

Accidentally Failing Our Players

Fortunately – Our younger players are the Best in the World when it comes to playing eye-foot coordination FUN games like Sharks & Minnows, King of the Dribblers, Simon Says’ and countless more. Unfortunately –Providing them with opportunities to play against other teams in similar games is a challenge due to the lack of dedicated […]


After publishing ‘An Initiative That Virtually Suppresses Referee Abuse.’ You, the readers, followed up with ‘Garnered Lively Responses!’ When I asked for more suggestions on how to work together to ensure these initiatives become national mandates.  An overwhelming number of you responded, “Mandates, especially for the national level, would take years and years to put […]


In his article, ‘CRITICAL ISSUES THAT MUST BE ADDRESSED,’ John Kennedy stated, “What quickly dawned on me: no one was playing soccer.  I bet half of these kids had passed through local soccer leagues, but I didn’t find any playing in PE, at recess, or after school.  Many kids play organized soccer, but far too […]


Soccer Scene USA — The monthly meeting is held in the soccer office if one is available; or someone’s home with plenty of room to accommodate the semi-large group.  Each attending has a title such as “League President.”  The meeting is called to order by the Chairperson, and the minutes of the previous meeting are […]

Unleash Your Players’ Potential: World Cup Activities for Their Development

Here are our FUNdamental SOCCER ideas for players to implement while watching the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup games from July 20 to August 19. Coaches can consider assigning these activities to their players, as they provide a great opportunity to learn and improve by observing the best players in the world.  Materials needed: Marking […]