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The 9 Step Practice

The FUNdamental Soccer Practice follows Newton's Law of Inertia

"A player at rest will tend to remain at rest, and
a player in motion will tend to remain in motion. "

9-Steps Testimonials

Coach John

“But it’s important for you to do it the way you’re doing it! Guys like me went crazy with the drill coaching method, with no organized method of teaching the fundamentals to young people. I’m very, very pleased that your materials were out there for people willing to put in the work to be a good coach.”

Coach Chris

“The 9-step routine, on the other hand, is just a neat stroke of brilliance. Those 9 steps, if we are honest with ourselves, represent nothing more than every great session schematic in the world.”

Coach Ric

“At the end of the season, all parents… said that they wish I could coach the same team next year because their kids really learned soccer for the first time.”

Coach Larrie

“Some of my kids have come to play serious soccer and are unfamiliar with the “FUN” aspect. They’re not really sure if it’s supposed to feel like that, but they are catching on. Everyone still wants to win, but the trend is now shifting toward having FUN anyway.”

These are examples from
FUNdamental SOCCER 9-Step Practice

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The book is simple and thorough, giving you and the player a great understanding of training for this very unique position.  For the inexperienced coach of goalkeeping, this book is a ‘must’.  For the experienced coach, it will offer a more efficient and organized approach for teaching the FUNdamentals of goalkeeping.

This 125-page book, packed with instructional illustrations and diagrams, will guide you through the adventure of mastering this most challenging position.

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