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FUNdamental SOCCER U-10 Playing Rules

1.  FIELD of PLAY A.  DIMENSIONS:  Keep the field rectangular, not too big or small—just right for the little ones. B.  MARKINGS: C. GOALS: (3 vs. 3) (4 vs. 4) or (5 vs. 5) Six (6): Three (3) to Attack & Three (3) to Defend Why? Tripple the pleasure -Tripple the FUN. Regulation Goal – Placed in the middle Two Modified Goals – Placed […]

FUNdamental SOCCER – U-12 Playing Rules

“Spain’s youth academies, exemplified by Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid, prioritize small-sided games with no more than 7 players per side until the age of 12. Despite the success of this approach in developing technically skilled players at top clubs globally. Why can’t we do the same?” Stan Baker, Author, Our Competition is the […]


In a new study conducted by Sprocket Sports, new data shows that players are leaving the game at an increasing rate as they continue to grow older. The data for the study was collected from Sprocket’s proprietary information via their player registration database. The data was pulled from medium and large clubs that have over […]

FUNdamental SOCCER – U8 Playing Rules

Why shake things up for this age group? If we want our kids to grow up with a genuine love for the game, and the traditional methods haven’t quite hit the mark, let’s toss in some new flavors. Blending the old with a dash of something new is the beginning of a winning recipe! 1.  […]

FUNdamental SOCCER – U6 Playing Rules

Why shake things up for this age group? If we’re aiming to create an environment that sets our kids up for a lifetime of loving the game, let’s mix the tried-and-true with a dash of something new … 1.  FIELD of PLAY A.  DIMENSIONS:  Keep the field rectangular, not too big or small—just right for […]

German Youth Football (Soccer) Restructure

Taking on a player-centered approach, they have decided to scrap the traditional small-sided games format and adopted a unique look at providing more opportunities and challenges within their games with minimal interaction from their coaches and parents. Vice President Ronny Zimmermann, who is responsible for children’s and youth football, was quoted saying, “We need to […]


Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland embraced this concept some time ago, and many experts have been harsh in their criticism that Germany has been late to bring their youth training standards up to the modern cutting edge. The question is, are WE ready/willing to bring our standards up to the modern cutting edge? Or […]


Ever found yourself wondering what sets successful soccer parents apart? Picture this: a vibrant soccer field, cheering parents, and a community filled with positive energy. But what truly makes these parents stand out? From shaping their child’s development to fostering a positive soccer community, there are secrets that make them remarkably successful. Learn the hidden […]


What do successful soccer administrators do? How do they make a positive impact on the game and the community? How do they support the well-being and development of players, coaches, and referees? Successful administrators have common traits and practices that help them achieve their goals and overcome challenges. By embracing the FUNdamental SOCCER “Bill of […]