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The 9 Step Practice DVD is a great mix of classroom explanation and on-field demonstration. Koach Karl shows how to coach the “9 Step Practice,” a unique child centered approach that instills the love of the game in younger players.

No More: Drills, Eye-Foot Coordination & Soccer Related Games, Lines, Laps & Lectures.

Just More: Individual, Group & Team Soccer Games to build a better player and make hard work seem like FUN!


Presenter: Koach Karl Dewazien

Koach Karl Dewazien gives step by step directions on how to organize educational youth practices.  Practices that duplicate the excitement of the game. Practices that create an environment which forces the players to make decisions. Practices that create an atmosphere where the players are allowed to teach themselves. Practices that create an environment that develops instinctive attacking and defending habits.  Practices that make hard work seem like FUN!

Koach Karl is a master teacher when it comes to making learning FUN. Don’t miss out on this great DVD, a must have!

An excerpt from the 9 Step DVD:


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