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Hey, coaches and parents,

Ever noticed how sometimes our players lose a bit of their spark? They’re following all the rules and doing what they’re told, but something seems off. Here’s a thought: maybe we’re too focused on game results and strict routines and not enough on letting their uniqueness shine!

Picture this: each player brings their own mix of strengths and weaknesses to the field, just waiting to shine. But sometimes, our coaching approach unintentionally dims their light. Instead of suppressing those strengths, let’s amplify them! Let’s shift our focus from improving weaknesses to maximizing strengths; that’s where their true potential lies.

So, how can you effectively develop and improve your players/child’s strengths?

Strengths Assessment: Start by identifying each player’s unique strengths. This involves observing them during practice sessions and games and having open conversations with them about what they feel they excel at.

Adjustment of the FUNdamental PRACTICE: Once you’ve identified your players’ strengths, adjust your practice sessions and backyard play to help them further develop those strengths. This involves modifying small-sided games and scrimmages (e.g., limiting or increasing the number of ball touches) to allow players to showcase and enhance their strengths. 

Positive Reinforcement: When players demonstrate their strengths on the field in the backyard, provide positive reinforcement and specific compliments (e.g., “FUNtastic job with ‘two-touch’ control and pass!”). Make sure to do this out loud so that all team members can hear what you are celebrating. This boosts players’ confidence and can also motivate teammates to work on similar skills.

Role Clarity: Clarify each player’s role within the team and how their strengths contribute to the team’s overall strategy and success. When players understand their value and how they fit into the team’s dynamics, they’re more likely to embrace and work on their strengths effectively.

Continuous Feedback and Development: Offer ongoing feedback and support to help players further develop and refine their strengths. This could involve one-on-one coaching sessions, video analysis, or regular performance reviews. Encourage players to set personal goals related to their strengths and track their progress over time.

Let’s remember that every child/player has special talents. By helping them shine bright on the field and in the backyard, we’re boosting their confidence, nurturing skill development, and fostering personal growth. Now, let’s cheer them on to play their hearts out and show off what they’re naturally great at!

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