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Learning Together

Mom and Dad, you are your child’s first and most influential teacher/coach.  The stimulation and support you provide can instill a desire to play soccer.  If your child plays only to gain your approval, their interest in playing may decline, and playing for its own sake is sacrificed.  Make this learning experience Together as much FUN as possible so that your child becomes self-motivated and improves on his/her own.

Learning New Techniques

First watch Soccer Players on TV and the Internet to see techniques – you can watch them move over and over!

We like YouTube Channels provided by our friends at Soccer In Slow Motion and others like F2FreeStylers. Check them out!

When watching these techniques, focus on only one part of the body at a time.

Play Soccer In Your Mind

Try this powerful practice tool 5 minutes for 30 days,

then watch your technique problems disappear like a haze!

You may think that playing in your mind is just a silly trick,

but it’s used by Pro Players to make the skill stick!

Make Up Buzz Words

Create Buzzwords for key parts of the move. For example:


  1. Right Foot – TOUCH the ball slightly to the right.
  2. Right Foot – TAP the ball across the body to the left.
  3. Left Foot – TAKE the ball in the left-opposite direction.

Close your eyes and see yourself doing the move.

Say the Buzzwords out loud to get a better picture.

Go Outside and Try the Move

Begin Slowly, but do it correctly and

It helps when you tell your body what to do.
At first, say the words VERY LOUD
Get quieter as the move becomes easier

Next, go faster as you get better
and try the move without saying the buzzwords

Stop moving your lips!

Play Ghost Soccer

Play against
Imaginary Attackers

Practice your gliding into the defense stance
Practice poking at the ball
Practice making a front tackle

Play against
Imaginary Defenders

Practice your dribbling moves
Practice your fakes and feints
Practice your shot on goal

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