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Letter to Players

Dear FUNdamental Soccer Player,

I Dare You to become the best soccer player that you can be! You must be willing to put in the time and effort to surf this website for ideas that will make your soccer dreams come true! For example:

I Dare You to Play (Soccer) Each and Every Day!

Notice that I did not say ‘Practice’ every day.  What I want you to do is PLAY every day!  To be more specific:

“I Dare You To PLAY —  1 vs. 1 Games Every Day”

Find an open area, preferably with grass, to play on with a friend. No, you don’t need an ‘official’ field with touch and goal lines.  All you need is a safe area!  It would help if you avoided any area with holes, sprinklers, or other things that could cause an injury.  Also, remove glass, rocks, and other potentially harmful objects! 

Then, agree on what you will use to make your goals. Yes, any objects like shoes, shirts, bags, and cups can create goals.  Making two small goals is very easy:

No, you do not need cones or an ‘official’ goal to PLAY 1 vs. 1.  

Starting the game with ‘a serve’ is the fairest way to begin the game.  

Here are some other Rules you can try: 

  • No out of bounds
  • With out of bounds
  • First to 11 goals – wins
  • The one with the most goals at the end of a  time limit – wins
  • You can score from either side of the goal
  • You can only score from a certain distance
  • The ball must ‘roll’ between the markers for a score
  • The ball can ‘bounce’ between the markers for a score
  • You can score by making a terrific tackle
  • You can score by beating the opponent with a great fake
  • You can only score by dribbling the ball through the markers
  • Make up your own rules!!!


It is a great idea to keep a ‘Record Chart’ of your 1 vs. 1 games.  Include the Time, Date, Opponent, and Score on this Chart.  Put your chart on the refrigerator or some other ‘special’ place in your house.  Then, post the scores of the ‘daily’ game results. Finally, agree on a reward to be given to the winner at the end of a week, a couple of weeks, or the end of each month.  

Hey,  you and your friends could organize a 1vs. 1 ‘Neighborhood World Cup’ tournament!  Keep a ‘Neighborhood Chart.’  Ask a local store owner to put the chart in a ‘Very Special’ place in the store.  Again, post the scores of the ‘daily’ game results.  Finally, ask the owner to provide a reward to be given to the winner at the end of each month.  

In time these 1 vs. 1 games will instill in you the two most important habits that will make you the best soccer player you can be.  

  • First, you will develop the habit of ‘Attacking’ when you have the ball.  
  • And, second, you will develop the habit of ‘Defending’ when you do not have the ball.   


I Dare You To Play (1 vs. 1 Soccer) Every Day…

So that you can ‘Attack & Defend’ – Either Way!


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