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Miles and Miles of Soccer Smiles (E-Book)


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Soccer is the world’s most popular team sport. And, among children, it’s the fastest growing activity in the United States. Every week a child’s life is touched by the camaraderie, competition, and just plain fun that soccer has to offer. 

Today, we have more special needs children than ever. Recently, the Department of Education released an article with an alarming fact. ”The number of students with disabilities has increased over the last ten years.” It went on to say,, ”The nation’s schools will service more than 6.1 million students with disabilities between the ages of 6 and 21 next year.” Are these kids to be left out? And, who is responsible for reaching them? 

I’ve had the honor of being a part of youth soccer at all levels. The experience has allowed me the pleasure of working with recreational and competitive players and has taken me from local to national administrative positions. However, the most joy ever bestowed on me has come from the opportunity I have had to work with special needs kids. Delivering soccer to these children is now my passion and I hope to share this vision with you. 

Many wonderful adults have helped me communicate my desire to help children and it culminates in this handbook. Our desire was to construct a tool that will create confidence in your ability to reach out to these youngsters. I hope that goal is accomplished and the desire to help these kids becomes contagious. Together we will create “miles and miles of soccer smiles.” 

-Peggy Neason