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Life lessons that transcend sports, school, work, life are always my favorite to share. So thanks to Charlotte Hilton Andersen and Reader’s Digest for reminding us of the “16 Forgotten Manners Every Parent Should Teach Their Child”.

I’ve always believed that how a player behaves on the field is how they will behave in life. The player that offers a hand to an opponent on the ground is the same player that will lend a hand to a family member in need or a future co-worker. And I’m a bit old-fashioned in believing our kids (especially after being quarantined in their houses for one year) may need a refresher course in manners.

Number 4 on this list resonates with me: Show appreciation and get to know the names of the (frequently anonymous) service workers who help your day run smooth…the bus drivers, mail carriers, cafeteria servers, janitors, referees, security guards, law enforcement officials and more.

Here’s a quick look at Reader’s Digest 16 Forgotten Manners Every Parent Should Teach Their Child (click here for the full article):

  1. Know when to turn off the phone
  2. Say, “You’re Welcome.”
  3. Try small acts of service
  4. Say “thank you to service workers.”
  5. Give up your seat
  6. RSVP to invites
  7. Wait to eat until everyone is seated
  8. Use indoor voices
  9. Take turns talking
  10. Pay compliments
  11. Cover coughs and sneezes
  12. Write thank you messages
  13. Learn good social media etiquette
  14. Introduce yourself
  15. Be on time
  16. Make time for phone calls just to say “hi.”

This list is also a great list for coaches. As a coach of my girls’ sports teams, I often say thank you because they are all being good citizens during Covid. Every day they come to practice working hard, wearing their masks, making sure they are following the rules. And after doing this for months, they just keep going without a complaint. A big thank you to all of the athletes playing youth sports, following the rules (and we know these rules change often), and practicing good manners. Remember, kindness costs nothing.

Ian Goldberg

Ian Goldberg is a sports dad, coach, and Founder of iSport360. His SportsTech Company helped over 100,000 youth sport coaches, parents, and kids keep their teams connected, active, and strong….through the COVID-19 lockdown.