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Letter to Players

I Dared You to PLAY the 1 vs. 1 game every day!”
 But you can’t seem to find anyone to play 1vs.1 

No worries

Keeping a ‘Record Chart’ of your “Wall-as-Partner’ activities can help you stay motivated. Your chart can/should include:

  • Date, Distance from the Wall; 
  • Number of passes with right or left foot, 
  • The number of shots with right or left foot. Etc.  
Record Chart Example

Put your chart on the refrigerator or some other ‘special’ place in your house.  Then, post the scores of the ‘daily’ results. Finally, agree on a reward you will give to yourself whenever you set a new personal record.  

Hey, you and your friends could organize a ‘Neighborhood Wall-Partner’ contest.  Keep a ‘Neighborhood Chart.’  Ask a local store owner to put the chart in a ‘special’ place in the store.  Again, post the scores of the ‘daily’ results.  Finally, ask the owner to provide a reward to the winner at the end of each month.  

In time your ‘Wall-as-Partner’ activities will help you instill the habit of ‘Push, Peek & Place’ whenever releasing the ball. That is: Pushing the ball slightly ahead to Peek and see your intended target and finally Place the ball at the target 

I Dare You To a ‘Wall-as-Partner’ Every Day…

So that the Push, Peek & Place habit will be here to stay!


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