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Questions About the 1st Defender

Coach – . You emphasize the concept of “first attacker” and “first defender”, presumably within the context of the serve. However, I note that in your Tactics book on p.64, “How to score points as first defender”, under “Some ideas”, you don’t even mention scoring a goal on your opponent! Is that intentional?

Karl  – Yes…! Since my definition of a ‘Defender’ is, ALL players on the team without the ball are Defenders. That is, player with ball -is always 1st Attacker when he/she loses the ball they must immediately become 1st Defender – since they are now the player without the ball!

Coach  – Are you implying the “first defender” always defends?   

Karl – As I just noted – yes, the first defender is just that -he/she is a defender until they gain possession of the ball and become the first attacker.

Coach  – I took this page simply to mean that the game can be modified to allow the defender (first or second) other ways to score than simply scoring a goal.

Karl – That is the intent of the page to give you ‘ways and means’ of allowing the player without the ball to score points. In my mind a ‘defender’ can not score a goal since a ‘defender’ does not have ball possession…!

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