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Prevent Bunching – Use Channeling

Coach –  Your method of teaching “channels” is wonderful and a great way to prevent bunching.

Karl – Thank you…!

Coach – Have you figured out any way to actually mark the field with these channels?

Karl  – You can obviously use cones or other markers (during practice) to mark out the channels. Maybe even ask the players, ‘what they suggest would give them clues as to where they are on the field. You might be amazed that they will actually suggest using the ‘goal posts’ as points of reference when attempting to stay inside their channels. If they don’t you might want to suggest some to them!

Coach – Or do you simply use the wrist band method as described in the book, and periodically stop play when required and use the wristbands to explain who is in position?

Karl – This has been the most successful method. However, rather than pointing out ‘who is out of position!’ I suggest asking the players to point out who is out of position. That is, freeze the action (during cooperative segment) and ask them to look around – maybe, even ask them the question: ‘Who is currently NOT in their channel’.

Put the burden of understanding on the players – don’t just give them the answers. You will find the questioning method allows the players to ‘think’. And players who think will eventually become aware of checking their points of reference (the goal posts) – in order to determine their current position on the field. What more can you ask but to have the players make the proper decision for themselves…?

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