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After completing 70+ sessions over four seasons, the ‘Behind The Bench’ International Webinars have established themselves as a highly successful event. In recognition of this achievement, the NSCAC has announced a ‘Best of’ selection from the first three seasons of the webinar series.”

Jason Blake’s ‘Grassroots Soccer: Where Future Stars Get Started’ and Karl Dewazien’s ‘FUNdamental SOCCER – Practice’ have earned a spot on the prestigious list for their insightful advice on coaching young players. Their ideas are easy to comprehend and can be immediately applied by youth coaches, parents, and administrators, contributing to the high ranking of this webinar. Some examples include:

According to Jason Blake, who works with the Alberta Soccer Association, keeping it simple is key when coaching young kids. The game itself is simple, and overcomplicating it can detract from the enjoyment and fun that should come naturally.

He also raises concerns about the large roster sizes in many youth teams, often resulting in more players sitting on the bench than on the field. Blake believes that for children to truly fall in love with the game, they need to be actively playing it.

Karl Dewazien, Emeritus State Director of Coaching for the ‘California Youth Soccer Association’ (1978-2012) and Author of the internationally best-selling book series ‘FUNdamental SOCCER,’ is widely recognized as a leading authority on youth soccer development. His ‘Practice’ book is considered the cornerstone of youth practices and small-sided games. It has been translated and distributed in China, Japan, and Spanish-speaking countries.

Koach Karl’s motto,

This a reflection of Koach Karl’s belief in prioritizing the development and well-being of young players above all else.

The webinar covers a range of topics that are critical to successful youth coaching. These include:

  • Understanding why players come to practice
  • Strategies for avoiding lines, laps, and lectures during practice
  • The advantages and disadvantages of drills
  • The positive and negative aspects of playing games like ‘sharks & minnows.’
  • The importance of keeping players and the ball moving for effective learning
  • Establishing engaging routines to nurture excellence…

As emphasized by Todd Bean, founder of the TOVO institute, and Valerio Rocca, founder of the Soccer School of Excellence (SSE90 Academy) and host of the NSCAC’s Behind The Bench Webinar.

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John DeBenedictis

Executive Director of The National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada has contributed to FUNdamental SOCCER for decades. Author of the best-selling book "The Last 9 Seconds: The Secrets to Scoring Goals on the Last Touch." and offers a course called "Secrets to Goal Scoring." Goalkeeper for York University, National Title winner in 1977. Semi-professional in the National Soccer League with Toronto Ukrainian and co-ran camps with former English International goalkeeper and Canadian National Team coach Tony Waiters.