Shooting and Scoring

By Alan Maher
Here in New York State the month of June brings to an end the high school athletic program. The last games are lacrosse and the state finals were played up-state as is the rule. In the third division, which is based on school size, Manhasset High won for the third straight year. I was excited. I had gone to Manhasset and graduated from there many a year ago.

Manhasset beat an up-state team 16-11. But the big story was about a player named Connor English who played for Manhasset High. He scored nine goals! Unheard of.

In an interview, Connor English explained that that off season he shot 200 times a day. During the season he shoots 50 to 100 times after practice. You read that right. He shoots 50 to 100 times after every practice.

Now, all you players who play soccer, how many shoot 200 times a day off season and 50 to 100 times after each practice?

Did I see a hand go up in the back of the room? No?

I would suggest shooting at wooden boards rather than nets and make the most of the rebound.

Be warned that we will ask the same question a year from now.