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SIXTH Practice

Coach: Had the practice that we never had – changing direction with the sole of the foot. Started with the usual, Steps 1 and 2 – picked out some girls to help with the warm-ups, they seem to like that.

Karl: So far – So good! Make sure that you designate every girl to eventually become a ‘leader’ in the warm-ups. You want to give the girls ownership of their warm-up and a chance to take a leadership role.

Coach:  How tough should I be on individuals that when preparing the cones for the figure 8 routine, some of them just stand there and throw them out without stretching leaning, placing, standing stretching, etc.? It seems that 3 -4 of the girls just “tossed them out.” 

Karl:  I would be very strict for several reasons. First, to establish that your limited requests, laying down cones, be adhered to because you are the coach. Second, there is a possibility to get an injury if they do not stretch, lean, etc. correctly. Finally, today they don’t listen to your laying down the cones instructions –What will they ignore tomorrow? Insist on them doing correctly just like the rest of their team members.

Coach:  The 1 +1 and 1v1 sessions went well – not a whole lot of interest and/or ability (or desire) to do the sole of the foot thing, but at least they got it together to more or less set up their own fields (I and or teammates have to still help a number of them, though).

Karl: Setting up the field should become a breeze within the next couple of practices. Be patient and be persistent and you will get results..!

 As for the ‘Sole of the Foot Thing’ you were supposed to introduce this theme to Only those Players who were able to go around the cones without difficulty. If they show Success in a theme then you must introduce a new theme –But only to those who are successful.

 Remember, that at a previous practice a few players were able to go around the cones without difficulties and they were showing signs of getting –bored! These players need to be challenged and you challenge them by introducing a new theme… as in this case –the Sole of the Foot Thing. If that is too easy then ask them to go at a faster pace until they are able to go around the cones at full speed and still use the Sole of the Foot Thing.

 As other players become proficient in going around the cones you would partner them with these Sole of the Foot players…who in turn would teach the move to the successful going around the cones teammates.

Coach: After halftime, we played two small-sided games (3v3 and 4v4) – went pretty well – I tried adding the restriction of only passing or shooting after they changed direction with the sole of the foot, but this didn’t work real well, so after a couple of minutes, I just let them go. 

Karl:  The restriction should have been placed on Only those Players who Practiced the Sole of the Foot Thing during the first half of practice. Remember, we are challenging the potentially ‘I’m getting bored’ players with something that will keep them interested. You should also give extra points to players who did the Sole of the Foot Thing during the scrimmage. In other words, let them play but give points for those who carried out the theme.

Coach: – Ditto for the full scrimmage, I basically just let them play.

Karl:  Again, you could have given extra points to players who did the Sole of the Foot Thing during the Scrimmage. Leave them alone but give extra points to any player who carries out your theme. Give them an incentive to carry out your theme.

 This sounds like a FUN practice to me and it looks like WE are making some progress!!!

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