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Farpost Sharpshooter Goal

I have advocated for the use of small-sided games for nearly 40 years. Occasionally, I find a product that pairs well with the FUNdamental SOCCER Practice. This time, I found a product that aligns perfectly with our growing trend (and upcoming mandate) toward modified field sizes.

This makes it easy for me to highly recommend the SharpShooter Portable Goal by Farpost. This 3-in-1 innovation saves everyone time, money, and valuable field space.

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Koach Karl Dewazien Emeritus State DoC – California Youth Soccer Assoc.

Powell River youth soccer have used these sharpshooters for quite a few years and use them for all of our mini divisions. They are easy to set up and take down which makes it easy to ask parents to do it for the coaches. We use these on grass as well as turf. I would highly recommend this product.

Paul Liknes

We have used Farpost goals since the very first version came out. We have upgraded over time to the Sharpshooter and have never regretted it. The newer lighter design makes for easy transportation and usage. We use them every Sat and Sun year round. Service and support are second to none. Highly recomended. Coastal FC- Formerly Peace Arch and Semiahmoo Soccer Clubs

Mike Hornak

I love the sharpshooter goal. It’s rugged, easy to set up, and portable. I have a league involving over 1000 kids and with the volume of games we need the absolute best goals. Great service by Michael and his team. The highest recommendation from World Cup Micro Footie.

Jason Kyle

The 3-in-1 Solution

Adjust this goal to be 4 feet, 6 feet, or 8 feet wide on the fly. The crossbar is telescopic, so extend it all the way out for the 8-foot measure, push one side in for the 6-foot width and push both sides in for the 4-foot width. Our snap button system requires no tools or hardware to set this goal up in under 5 minutes flat.

Great for All Environments

Perfect for indoors, outdoors, gym floors, backyards, streets, on turf or grass… anywhere you can play, this goal will lay! You will also be amazed at the rebounds when you crack a ball, and it hits one of the posts or the crossbar. You’ll love using it for skill development drills and small-sided games. The mesh is small enough, and it can stop a soccer ball, handball, puck, or tennis ball.

Built for Strength

Strong enough to withstand 160 lbs. at the crossbar, the SharpShooter stands solid on the ground and the base to height ratio ensures that it is not easy to tip over. There are holes in the base to put stakes through and anchor your goal to the ground. Every part of this goal is POWDER COATED with a white finish, so it outlasts the seasons. Good in all seasons!

Made to Last

Made from the highest quality web, the white, knotless 3 mm netting is rated for all seasons. Each net comes with Velcro straps that are attached to the net. Stay organized and secure with the top-of-the-line blue vinyl carry bag and eliminate headaches, so you’re not late for games and practices. Order today and start playing in a couple of days!

About Farpost Soccer Company

Farpost Goals are the go-to choice for official MLS teams like the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, the New York City Football Club and more than 600 youth soccer clubs across North America.

The people at Farpost pride themselves on delivering a goal that clubs are more than pleased with…they are thrilled with. They are proud to produce a goal that is safe, strong, and easy to set up or takedown and that so many clubs are using in their soccer programs.

Find the Farpost Sharpshooter Goal here

Use coupon code FUNSOCCER at checkout to receive 5% off!

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