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Whats the best advice?

Best Advice Ever Received

Alan Miller, “Do everything you do with this as your number #1 priority/goal.”

“You want EVERY player to play again next season!”

Whether they sign up for more soccer or choose volleyball next season, you have done a wonderful job if they play again.

Make this a promise to the parents and yourself. “I want the players to have a safe and fun experience; I want to see them playing again next year.

Avoid promising success on the pitch.

Winning is great and will go a long way to make that goal more achievable, but it is not a guarantee your player will want to do it.

Having FUN, connecting with their teammates, and working towards a common “goal” are the hallmarks of a great season.”


Coach Alan Miller

Jamie Lloyd Davies’ advice is as follows;

  • If you can recreate game-based scenarios that allow the children to play and the coaches to observe and intervene. That’s perfect in my eyes.
  • Keep thinking about putting the child first, so that means Developing the whole child (technical, tactical, physical, mental and social skills)
  • Give them ownership to deal with situations and scenarios that the game throws at them will set them up for life inside and outside of football/soccer.
  • Finally, it’s about inclusion! Try to ensure EVERY player gets an equal opportunity to develop; just because some players are “best” now, it doesn’t mean they will always be “best” all the way through.
  • Every child deserves the same opportunity to enjoy and evolve on their personal or football/soccer development.

I wish everyone the best in their football/soccer journey.

Kindest Regards,

Jamie Lloyd Davies
Executive Director
Head Coach at California Storm Women’s Team and
Women’s Premier Soccer League ‘Coach of the Year’

Jade Smiths’ advice…

Coaches are the driving force behind their players’ early steps in their playing careers. Ensure to instill a Lifelong Love for the Game and make it FUN! The likelihood of the kids playing soccer as a profession is so slim. However, the lessons that they learn will shape them into the people they are going to become.

Don’t be driven by results but be driven but the process. Focus on process goals with the players so that they can see that they are improving.

Teach the players to take on their own learning. I like to assign homework journals for the players. Teaching them to reflect on sessions, check for understanding, and give them fun homework tasks with the ball. I’ve seen significant growth in my players understanding through it, and it lets me know what I have to go back over in coming sessions.


Jade Smith
Assistant Women Soccer Coach
St. Cloud State University
Bismark, North Dakota

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