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A Resource Update

FUNdamental SOCCER made you aware of a No Fees; No Travel; Pick-up games in your neighborhood program; and we are now proud to provide you with this update…

“We are excited to announce that girls and boys in under-served communities nationwide will gain access to new Safe Places to Play thanks to an enhanced mini-pitch system designed for youth soccer.

We’ve been working for years to transform underutilized spaces into mini-pitches. And we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far. Along the way, we’ve learned what makes these play spaces even more impactful for communities.

That’s why we worked with our national partner, Musco Lighting, on innovations to the design which offer many benefits to kids across the country.

So, what does this mean for our kids?

With the new mini-pitch system, more kids will have a safer place to play after school and into the evening with the addition of built-in lights.

More kids will have a welcoming and productive place to go in their free time, at no cost to their families.

The end result: more kids will learn critical life skills, engage in physical activity, and build friendships. And kids can just be kids.

This is big, this is new, and we are thrilled by the opportunity to provide safe places to play right where kids live and go to school.”

Click here to check out a video of these new mini-pitches in action:

Ed Foster-Simeon, U.S. Soccer Foundation

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