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Your Child’s Future Is At Stake

Coaching Advisor

By Koach Karl Dewazien

We tell our children, “Do not talk to strangers!” And then, we turn around and hand our child over to (in many cases) a total stranger. We justify our actions by assuming that this ‘stranger’ is qualified because he/she has been given the title ‘soccer coach’ by someone in the local soccer association. Someone who is a stranger to us but they have been approved by the local soccer board a board consisting of yet another group of strangers. Strange!!!

It is your duty, as a parent, to take the time to get to know as many of these ‘strangers’ as possible before handing your child over to them.

Ideally, the local organization should make your task easier by holding a ‘Mandatory Parent Introduction Night’ before the season. During this function, the local soccer board members introduce themselves, describe their duties, give their interpretation of the organization’s goals, and give you instructions on how to communicate with them throughout the season.

Begin judging if your child should become involved in soccer by observing and listening to these leaders. It would help if you felt comfortable that the board’s overall goals and your goals for your child are compatible. Help yourself by considering the number of times words such as ‘children, fun and development’ or ‘winning, trophies, and travel’ are used. Then, make a conscious decision if the environment proposed fits the standards you want for your child.

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