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Who to Thank vs Who to Blame?

As we approach the final weekends of the fall season, we’ve witnessed a full moon and a fair share of concerns. From officiating woes to coach and player suspensions, complaints continue to surface. But who’s truly at fault here?

  • League President and Board
  • Officials on the game
  • The coach
  • Opposition players
  • Your own players
  • The District!

Really, It’s Nobody’s Fault!

It is just that many have sets of expectations not based on reality.

The League President and Board

Our League President and Board members, while often seen as highly paid, are, in reality, volunteers with their own day jobs and families. Despite their commitments, they selflessly dedicate their time to managing the soccer league, ensuring hundreds of players can enjoy the beautiful game of SOCCER.

The Game Officials

The officials who manage our matches often come from the US Soccer International pool of Officials, including many 14-year-old boys and girls. They’re not seasoned professionals but young enthusiasts who want to have fun and make a little extra money. However, many of them endure sideline criticism and often don’t last a season. Nevertheless, they persist in enabling thousands of kids to play SOCCER.

The Coaches

Our coaches are not highly paid professionals; they are parents who willingly invest their time. They complete mandated courses, undergo background checks, and then take charge of groups of 8 to 22 kids, all to ensure that children have a chance to practice and play on weekends. Despite the immense pressure to win every game, they do it so thousands of kids can experience the joy of SOCCER.

The Players

Not every player is a budding Messi or Ronaldo. These kids simply want to have fun and enjoy the game. They come from various skill levels and athletic backgrounds, but without them, there would be no SOCCER.

The District Volunteers

Our district volunteers provide critical support to your league boards, helping navigate numerous challenges. Their dedication paves the way for thousands of players to engage in the sport they love – SOCCER.

In conclusion, we boast an annual participation of over 16,000 players in soccer, a feat made possible by the unselfish efforts of board members, coaches, officials, and volunteers. Rather than assigning blame or voicing complaints, let’s express our heartfelt thanks to these individuals who enable thousands of children to cherish the beautiful game of SOCCER.

Lastly, a heartfelt shout-out to all the parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and everyone who contributes, whether it’s taking kids to practice or providing snacks for the games. If anyone feels inspired to volunteer as a coach, board member, or official, we eagerly welcome you to our team so more kids can savor the joy of SOCCER.


John Hodgson

California Youth Soccer Association - District 7 Commissioner