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US Youth Soccer Boys ‘Recreation Coach of the Year’ for Region IV

Raul Guerra – Fresno Metro Youth Soccer League

Dear Mr. Guerra,

Congratulations on your selection as the 2016 US Youth Soccer Boys Recreation Coach of the Year for Region IV!

We would like to invite you to be our guest at the 2017 US Youth Soccer Workshop in Los Angeles, CA from Thursday, January 12th through Saturday, January 14th.

Joshua Magleby
Soccer Operations Programs Assistant
US Youth Soccer

When asked, “How/Why did you become a youth soccer coach?” Coach Guerra responded by saying, “I began coaching soccer because there was a team (B team) that needed a coach… and if there was not a coach to take the team those kids would have not had a chance to play. I just could not let that happen. Additionally, I felt that I could help these kids learn, enjoy, and fall in love with the sport based on my knowledge of soccer and my experiences.”

What do you enjoy the most about coaching? The interaction with the kids and seeing them develop as a player is important to me. Also, the role that I play in their lives means a lot to me.

What do you like the least about coaching? Filling out the paperwork that’s why I have a manager and thank her daily.

What “words of wisdom/advice” would you like to share/give to:

Players: Follow your dreams, no matter how many obstacles you have to go through to get there. Always remember, nothing is easy and you must work hard to achieve success in everything that you do. Put the extra work into it and you will succeed!

Experienced Coaches: Always remember that we are here for the kids. You serve as a role model for these kids and you must be there to guide them and teach them how to be good sports and individuals. Also, remember that you cannot win every game but you can learn from every game. Most importantly keep in mind that you will be responsible for long life memories of these kids and you want them to be positive!

Beginning Coaches: Always remember that we are here for the kids and enjoy yourselves and have fun with the kids. Don’t get discouraged if you feel that you don’t know what you’re doing because all coaches go through this.

Opposing Coaches: Treat all opposing coaches with respect because we are all hero’s for our players and we would not want to set bad examples for our youth.

Parents: You are your kids # 1 fan so show your support. These are life long memories in the making and should be shared with your kids.

Referees: Don’t take anything personal and enjoy the sport for what it is.

If you had a magic-wand what major change(s) would you make in youth soccer? I would reduce the cost of tournaments and expenses for the players. All teams should be able to play regardless of their economic status.

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