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“Twas the Night Before …

 “Twas the Night before games… When all through the Land,
Not a player was stirring, and we bet you think that’s Grand!

Our uniforms were hung, and cleats polished with care, 
Our shin guards smelled funny, but the balls all had air.

Our shin guards smelled funny and made my nose runny.


We children were nestled all snug in our beds,
While visions of soccer games danced in our heads;

 The games were such fun; just youngsters and the ball,
With no interference from adults at all.


Then, out on the lawn, there arose such a clatter,
Just us kids having fun, SURPRISE, nothing’s the matter;

We ran, and we laughed, each giving our best,
We are the only attraction; everyone else is our guest.

The moon up above gave the field such a glow
Creating the feeling of magic for us down below;

When our shocked ears should hear,
Only positive comments from Coaches/Parents all year!

The referee was in the center, so lively and quick,
If he wore red instead of black, it could’ve been St. Nick;

With patience and fairness, the decisions then came;
He whistled and pointed, never disrupting our game.

The parents/fans were supportive when they cheered,
It’s about us kids; that’s for whom this game’s geared.

No arguing or complaining, no whining or screaming,
Isn’t it sad we only see this kind of game when we’re dreaming?

Now Referees! Now Parents! Now Coaches and Spectators,
On Clubs! On Leagues! On Boards and Administrators,

Lean over closely and lend us your ear,
As children we speak softly, but this you must hear….

We are all competitors, and we give our best to win. Labeling some of us Recreation Players is an awful sin.

On these nights before games, before the rising of the sun,
Please give us back the game; Please give us back our FUN.


Oh, thank you for listening, there’s a new beginning in sight,
Merry Christmas to all, and thanks for doing what’s right!”

Brett Davis

Brett Also Believes That …

Santa Claus

a generous, jolly, and bearded gift-giver who travels around the world on Christmas Eve, delivering presents to well-behaved children. Dressed in his iconic red suit, Santa is often accompanied by his team of reindeer, led by the famous Rudolph. His home is believed to be in the North Pole, where he oversees a bustling workshop filled with busy elves who help him prepare for the joyous holiday season.