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Tryout Tips for Your Players

With the new season comes another tryout. Your players may be experiencing nerves with tryouts and excitement to get back to “normal.” iSport360 can help!

Soccer tryouts are approaching, and you have those butterflies in your stomach.
Please don’t fret; we have some great tips for those embarking on your soccer tryouts. Just know that those feelings are entirely normal before a big event!

First, remember that your feelings of being nervous are natural. Every player is nervous
or anxious about tryouts. Remember that while there are some things you can’t control,
we wanted to give you a few tips on what you can control in the days or hours before tryouts.

Second, take a deep breath before you get on the field, court, etc. This will put your
focus on breathing vs. being nervous

Third, if you listen to music before an event, do that or do the “thing” that helps you
focus and takes your brainpower away from the task that is about to happen – trying out.

Give 100% Effort
At your tryouts, and in all that someone can ask of you, give it you’re all. 100%
effort is a no-brainer; it is so important to hustle and try your hardest. It shows that
you care and that you have heart. Even if you are not the best player, coaches want to see
that you have heart. There is never a time when a coach says….” you know, I really don’t
want 100% effort today”. Try your hardest and give it all you have!

Tip: Run after every rep to the next station for activity. Run when you are
done with your move, this shows hustle, and a coach will notice.

Take Care of Your Gear before Tryouts
Make sure you are responsible for your own gear. A great tip is to plan the night before.
Do not rely on your parents or others to help you. You should organize your gear and pack
what you need. Also, remember to pack for rain or weather changes; this way, you will feel
comfortable whether you are wet or dry. Do you play a sport that requires you to have a pinny?
Make sure you keep an extra pinny in your bag. And in the year of covid, don’t forget extra
masks and hand sanitizer.

Tip: Have a uniform drawer and/or practice clothes drawer; this will make it easy
to find your stuff when you are ready to go.

Be A Good Teammate/Friend
If you gave it your all, that is all anyone can ask of you. Being a leader and an all-around
nice person, you want to be positive throughout tryouts and after. If you don’t make the team,
know that you gave it your all, and congratulate those that did. If you made the team, but others
didn’t tell them that you are proud of them for how hard they worked. There are many times in
life when you won’t make the “team,” just remember to stay positive.

Tip: Do something as simple as a smile and say thank you to the coach(es).

Good luck with your upcoming tryouts and assessments! And remember to have FUN.
Isn’t that why we play in the first place?

Ian Goldberg

Ian Goldberg is a sports dad, coach, and Founder of iSport360. His SportsTech Company helped over 100,000 youth sport coaches, parents, and kids keep their teams connected, active, and strong….through the COVID-19 lockdown.