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Training By Yourself

Q: I like to train a lot by myself. Do you have any tips or training methods that will help turn me into a great Soccer player?

A: First, you are not alone when you train to become a ‘great’ soccer player. You have a ball and you must make that ball your friend.

You can make all your soccer dreams come true once you can make the ball do what you want it to!

This means that you must work on – Juggling – the ball. That is, keeping the ball in the air using:

1) Your instep – the area where you tie your shoe laces
-Be sure to bounce the ball from right to left foot and vice versa.
-Avoid using only your strong foot – go from right to left instep.
-Keep score of your highest repetition and beat it on your future attempts.

2) Thigh – Your goal is to go as many times from right to left thigh as possible.

3) Head – Your goal is to head the ball as many times as possible.

4) Combination of the above – Instep-Thigh and Head!

Sequence should be: Lift the ball with your feet, tap it with right and left laces; tap it from thigh to thigh and finish juggling with your head. You know your goal is to set a ‘new’ record with each attempt.

Second, you are not alone when you train to become a ‘great’ soccer player if you find a wall or a bench that you can use as your partner. Let me explain:

With a ball and wall as your partners pass and/or shoot the ball against the wall while work on the following techniques:

  1. Read the Game: (Peek/Look) Take your eyes off the ball while it is traveling to and from your wall or bench.
  2. Run to Attack: (Move) Move toward every ricochet ball — do not wait for it to come to you.
  3. Receive the Ball: (1st Touch) Bring the ball under your control — use body parts that give you problems in the game. Don’t forget the ‘magic hop.’
  4. Retain the ball (Dribbling) Keep the ball under control — move the ball around objects; pretend to beat imaginary opponents with body feints or foot fakes.
  5. Release the ball (Pass-Shoot) Practice your passing or shooting techniques against the wall or bench, etc.

Everyone is to be congratulated for having the ambition to work out with your friend the ball and your partners (wall or bench). You will find that this extra work will pay huge dividends in the future. Keep up this ‘private’ training and you will surely be a success in your soccer career!

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