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Unable to Demonstrate the Techniques

by Koach Karl

Coach: This is my first time coaching soccer and I never played.  Do you think it is possible for me to correct my players technical weaknesses?

Karl: Yes, it is possible to correct player’s technical weaknesses without having to do a demonstration.

They key is to use proper communication and proper communication begins with asking proper questions.

We can divide questioning into two major categories:
1.  Vague                               2. Guided.

Be sure you use ‘Guided Question’ rather than the ‘Vague’ approach.

Some “Vague” examples:
-That’s not what I want you to do.
-Don’t ever do what she just did.
-That sure was a dumb move.

Some ‘Guided Question’ examples:
-What part of the shoe should you use for the push pass?
-What part of the body can you use to control a bouncing ball?

-Do you think that was the right move to use at this time?
-What would you do if you were faced with this particular situation?

-If you were the defender on (name of player) what would you have done at that moment?
-If you were the attacker on (name of player) what would you have done at that moment?

Coaching is all about the ability to observe/note the weakness and find proper words when addressing the player.  If they can solve the problem mentally, answer your question correctly, that will be the 1st step in making the proper correction physically.

If you feel uncomfortable using the (above) approach then you can always find someone in your community to help-out.

 If that is not an option then the next best thing to do is ask your best players to help/mentor the weaker players. This will help develop leadership skills in your player and allowe him/her to become even better because they are learning by teaching – Priceless..!

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