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The Ideal Youth Coach

In No Particular Order of Importance….

  • Has a sense of humor.
  • Is a positive role model.
  • Sees players as people first.
  • Builds positive team cultures.
  • Can inspire by demonstrating.
  • Can inspire by showing empathy. 
  • Keeps winning and losing in perspective. 
  • Does not coach (string pull) player actions.
  • Uses mistakes as checks for understanding. 
  • Understands the lessons of free play and what makes playing soccer fun.
  • Respects the game and the parts- players, coaches, referees, admins, parents.
  • Thinks and acts and respects players like a classroom teacher treats their students.
  • Is highly knowledgeable about soccer, pedagogy, and developmental psychology.
  • Can efficiently and effectively communicate with players of varying levels of ability and motivation. 
  • Understands there is no long-term thinking for players who want to enjoy their soccer experience today.
  • Understands their players’ age, ability, and motivation and caters to their coaching interventions/information/practice activities accordingly. 
Headshot of Tom Turner
Tom Turner

Tom Turner Technical Director; Director of Membership Growth & Development; Director for Program Outreach and Education; Growth and Technical Development; TOPSoccer Liaison. Ohio North Youth Soccer Association