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Having children actively engage in the analysis is always a good idea.  Rather than just watching a game for entertainment purposes, although there is nothing wrong with that.  Getting them mentally engaged,  “Watch With a Purpose” develops their understanding.

I might add one more thing for those players who are a little more experienced.  Looking at outcomes is worthwhile, but taking it to the next level by looking for causal factors.  

Example: If a pass was not completed, what were the causal factors, or WHY.

Was the passer under pressure, did the receiving player not come to the ball, etc.?  

They can learn a lot by attempting to understand the whys of mistakes.  

They can learn a lot about what not to do and what to do.

They can then model their skills after successes and understand what can contribute to mistakes being made.

As a coach, I could not correct or help improve until I knew what was causing the problem.  That improved my observation skills and, ultimately, my coaching.

Food for thought..!

Rich Jablonski –added the following “Food for Thought”…

I am a great believer in the benefits of viewing high-level games on TV. Two things not mentioned — the opportunity to watch great players off the ball and lessons learned by listening to great color commentators. You can learn a lot listening to Jim Beglin.

Bill Howe

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