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St. Francis of Assisi

If one could learn and implement these Ten Principles in their coaching life, success will stand an excellent chance of succeeding. These principles operate all the time, much like the principle of gravity. When you drop something, it falls to the ground – not occasionally, not now and then – It falls every time – it’s called gravity, and it works every time. These principles of success work whenever acted upon.

#1 GIVING  (The foundation of Giving:  Give and you receive.)

a) There is no such reality as something for nothing.

b) You always give with the expectation of receiving. We do not give to get. We give that in some way, our giving will be returned to someone (give to get) vs. (provide and receive). Give and be willing to accept. Receive and give it away. The power of giving will keep you busy.

c) You always have something to give. It is built up by praise – Destroyed by criticism. Look for the good and give the word of praise.

#2 EXCLUSION (Foundation of exclusion:  Get rid of what you don’t want to make room for what you want. Get rid of all negative, embrace all positives.)


a) People with whom you associate – negative people.

b) What you watch – (TV).

c) What you listen to.

d) What you read.

#3 CREATION (Foundation of creation: Decide what you want. Define it clearly and precisely and write it down.)

You must first decide who you as a person want to be. Clearly define that person in your mind, and then write it down.

#4 VISUALIZATION (Foundation of visualization:  Get a clear mental picture of exactly what you want – infuse it with all the emotion you can – and hold on.)

The keyword here is “emotion.” There is power in the application of emotion. In your mind, you must get excited about what you want.

#5 COMMAND (Foundation of command: Whatever you speak out of your mouth, that’s what’s going to happen to you – so watch out what you say. The power of the spoken word.)

In all areas of your life, you “speak into existence” what happens to you, good or bad. Seventy percent of the average person’s speaking time is spent talking to oneself. Make sure that what you are “speaking” about is what you want to happen to you.

#6 ACTION (Foundation of action:  Do it now.)

By taking action, you are defeating procrastination. By taking action, a great release of energy permits you to accomplish your task.

#7 ENTHUSIASM (Foundation of enthusiasm: Give everything you’ve got to everything you do.)

It would help if you got excited about coaching. Energize yourself, and put all the emotion you can into your effort.

#8 FAITH (Foundation of faith: Faith is the substance of things hoped for – the evidence of things unseen.)

Faith requires a commitment to everything you are.

#9 SELF-DISCIPLINE (Foundation of self-discipline: Do what needs to be done when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.)

Self-discipline is a requirement for success in all areas of one’s life. Athletics is one example. How much self-discipline is needed for those who reach championships in their chosen field? The works, dedication, the time all require a great deal of self-discipline.

#10 PERSISTENCE (Foundation of persistence:  I will wait until.)

What does it take for the baby to learn to walk? Persistence. Never give up. To succeed, you must persist. Genius alone will not do it. Many with Genius have failed for lack of perseverance. Talent alone will not do it. Many with great talent have failed for lack of persistence. Say yes to your potential and persist.

I am sure there are probably more, but if You Learn and Put These Ten Into Action, your coaching life success will stand an excellent chance of succeeding.

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