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Summer Soccer Secrets!

Hey coach, as you gear up for the summer break, it’s time to think about how you can keep your young soccer stars engaged and developing even when they’re off the field. And guess what? You’ve got a secret weapon –Their Parents! So, let’s roll up your sleeves, get those parents involved, and show them the ropes.

Teach the Parents:

First things first, let’s make sure your parents are armed with the knowledge they need to keep the soccer fun going all summer long. Here’s what they need to know:

Play the 1 v 1 Game: Encourage parents to get out there and play some 1 vs. 1 with their child. It’s not just about scoring goals – it’s about building skills, confidence, and, most importantly, memories.

Set Up a Field: Show parents how easy it is to set up a 1 v 1 field in the backyard or at the park. All it takes is a couple of markers or cones and a bit of safe space to get the game going.

Start with a Serve: Encourage parents to start play by passing the ball to their child. This ‘serve’ happens at the beginning of every action and after every goal. It’s a FUNtastic way to practice that all-important 1st-touch!

Some Do’s and Don’ts: Of course, playing with your child is about more than just kicking a ball around. Here are a few things for parents to keep in mind:


  • Have FUN and enjoy the game together.
  • Offer gentle resistance to keep things challenging but not overwhelming.
  • Let your child take the lead and explore their creativity.
  • Encourage them every step of the way – a little positivity goes a long way!


  • Don’t hog the ball – give your child plenty of chances to shine.
  • Avoid criticizing mistakes – learning is all about trial and error.
  • Never embarrass your child – keep the focus on FUN and improvement.

“Parents, your presence boosts your child’s learning, especially in sports; please make sure you’re there for them during playtime to help them develop.” – Tom Byer, Football Starts at Home Founder.

Add a Dash of Competition

A FUN idea to keep things exciting: why not keep score of the games? Parents or players can jot down the results on a fridge score chart, take videos to share with the coach, or even report back at the end of the week. And hey, how about a weekly reward for the winner? It’s a great way to add a little extra motivation – although we all know who should be winning most weeks, right?

Stay Consistent and Enjoy the Benefits: Remember, consistency is key! Encourage parents to schedule regular play sessions with their children, just like they would for any other activity. And let’s not forget the benefits of parent involvement – it’s not just about soccer. Playing together is a chance to bond, communicate, and build a stronger relationship both on and off the field.

A Final Word of Advice

So, coaches, as you send your players off for the summer break, remember their biggest supporters—their parents. Show them the ropes, encourage them to get out there and play, and watch as the magic happens.

Here’s to a summer filled with sunshine, and plenty of soccer smiles!

Note: Some materials mentioned in this article come from my book, “Totally – FUNdamental SOCCER.”