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What do successful soccer administrators do? How do they make a positive impact on the game and the community? How do they support the well-being and development of players, coaches, and referees? Successful administrators have common traits and practices that help them achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

By embracing the FUNdamental SOCCER “Bill of Rights,” you too can enhance your reputation and credibility as a leader who cares about the well-being and development of players, coaches, referees, and parents. You will also benefit from the network, collaboration, and innovation that the ‘Bill of Rights & Guidelines’ provides to help you improve your services and outcomes as an administrator.


Lead with Integrity

By being honest and treating everyone equally, they build trust and create a positive culture in the organization. This FUNdamental principle sets the tone for the entire administrative framework.

Share Resources Fairly

By distributing resources and opportunities evenly among teams and clubs, including everyone, and avoiding favorites. This ensures fairness and contributes to the overall integrity of the league or organization.

Prioritize Safety

By planning ahead for potential issues, using tools like [Google Maps] or [Weather], and keeping essential items such as a [first aid kit] and [phone] on hand demonstrate a genuine concern for the well-being of players and participants.

Handle Complaints

By ensuring a positive environment and taking the following steps …

  • Take complaints seriously and act quickly.
  • Listen to both sides and stay neutral.
  • Keep things confidential when possible.
  • Prevent victimization and retaliation.
  • Keep detailed records and base decisions on facts.
  • Discipline the offense and follow the rules.
  • Offer options for appeal if parties are unsatisfied.


  • Simple Solution: Parties work it out themselves or with help from someone like a coach. Good for minor issues like favoritism or rudeness.
  • Official Solution: A written complaint goes to the club or higher authorities for serious matters. Investigated based on organization rules.
  • Third-Party Solution: In extremely serious cases like criminal offenses, the complaint goes to outside authorities like the police. Handled by the law.

Handle Money Wisely

By being mindful of funds to support the organization, they ensure budgets benefit the community and are easy to understand. Using tools like [Excel] or [QuickBooks] for tracking income and expenses, they regularly share financial reports to build trust among members and the community.

Encourage Clear and Open Communication

By openly discussing with players, coaches, referees and parents to keep everyone informed and reduce misunderstandings, they share updates about schedules, rules, and any changes. They communicate effectively and efficiently using tools like [Outlook] or [Zoom] within their soccer community.

Connect with the Community

By building strong relationships with sponsors, community members, and local leaders to ensure the vitality of the organization, they use tools like [Facebook] or [X] to promote their soccer programs and events, connecting with other soccer enthusiasts and supporters.

Keep Learning

By attending workshops or training sessions and using online courses and resources like [FUNdamental SOCCER website] or the [US Soccer Learning Center], they emphasize that continuous education is vital for staying updated on evolving trends in soccer administration. They believe this commitment to learning reflects their dedication to improvement.

Ask for Feedback

By asking players, coaches, referees and parents for their thoughts and actively using this feedback for improvements. They use tools like [SurveyMonkey] or [Google Forms], to ensure the organization consistently meets the needs and expectations of its members.

Dear Reader, I hope you found valuable insights in these ‘Guidelines!’

I invite you to share your feedback!

What suggestions do you have for improving these ‘Guidelines’ and getting support for the ‘Bill of Rights’ from your soccer community?

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