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FUNdamental SOCCER “Bill of Rights”

Welcome to the FUNdamental SOCCER ‘Bill of Rights,’ a set of essential articles designed to make soccer a positive and enjoyable experience for every young player. Did you know that around 75% of kids quit playing soccer between the ages of 10 and 14? That’s a concerning trend we aim...
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A parent of a U8 girls soccer player sent a picture of all the statements coaches made to their players in a recent game.  Things like: Unfortunately, those of you reading this know this all too well.  This is where I am going with this… I have been in the...
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Provoking a Reaction

The Clubs Being Used to Beat Our Children (Soccer Clubs, That Is) In our complicated world, tension between competing ideas is important. It’s kind of like how some medicines can help or poison you and how being an individual can be both good and bad – it can make you...
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As a coach, you have the power and responsibility to shape the lives of young soccer players. You can help them develop not only their athletic skills but also their character, confidence, and creativity. By supporting the ‘FUNdamental SOCCER – Bill of Rights’ you can ensure that your players have...
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As a referee, your role is pivotal in upholding the rules, maintaining order, and shaping the atmosphere and culture of soccer. By consistently embodying fairness, respect, and professionalism, you actively champion the principles outlined in the FUNdamental SOCCER ‘Bill of Rights’ (refer to Article II), ensuring that every child enjoys...
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AJFA Adopts the ‘Bill of Rights’

The idea of a formal “Bill of Rights” came from Karl Dewazien in a recent article, and using his base and permission to adopt the idea, I have developed the following thoughts on such a topic. This is only a starting point as consideration of the financial aspects of the...
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What do successful soccer administrators do? How do they make a positive impact on the game and the community? How do they support the well-being and development of players, coaches, and referees? Successful administrators have common traits and practices that help them achieve their goals and overcome challenges. By embracing...
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Ever found yourself wondering what sets successful soccer parents apart? Picture this: a vibrant soccer field, cheering parents, and a community filled with positive energy. But what truly makes these parents stand out? From shaping their child’s development to fostering a positive soccer community, there are secrets that make them...
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Mental Training in Practice

In support of and adding to Article III—Access to Quality Coaching—from the FUNdamental SOCCER ‘Bill of Rights,‘ Dr. Jay Martin, author of the newly released book ‘Lessons from the Best Coach: Develop a Winning Team Culture that Lasts,’ shares these valuable GUIDELINES: We expect every player to work on the...
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Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland embraced this concept some time ago, and many experts have been harsh in their criticism that Germany has been late to bring their youth training standards up to the modern cutting edge. The question is, are WE ready/willing to bring our standards up to...
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German Youth Football (Soccer) Restructure

Taking on a player-centered approach, they have decided to scrap the traditional small-sided games format and adopted a unique look at providing more opportunities and challenges within their games with minimal interaction from their coaches and parents. Vice President Ronny Zimmermann, who is responsible for children’s and youth football, was...
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FUNdamental SOCCER – U6 Playing Rules

Why shake things up for this age group? If we’re aiming to create an environment that sets our kids up for a lifetime of loving the game, let’s mix the tried-and-true with a dash of something new … 1.  FIELD of PLAY A.  DIMENSIONS:  Keep the field rectangular, not too...
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