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CRANK up the Volume to get the best sound effects for my son Joseph DeBenedictis’s World Cup music video.

“Feel The Game”

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 years since my son Joseph wrote this soccer song. The message of the song is now probably more relevant than ever!

As a professional, he has done video editing, directing and put together a pilot episode for a couple of show ideas he has. At this precise moment, he’s in Hawaii directing a pilot TV episode for a popular chef.

He’s been fortunate to have worked with many good people, been part of numerous creative teams in the sports video industry, and won 10 Emmy awards for sports documentary reporting.

I hope that everyone enjoys watching the video and World Cup 2022. as much as Joseph and I are planning. GO ________________. Guess who we are rooting for 🙂

John DeBenedictis

Executive Director of The National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada has contributed to FUNdamental SOCCER for decades. Author of the best-selling book "The Last 9 Seconds: The Secrets to Scoring Goals on the Last Touch." and offers a course called "Secrets to Goal Scoring." Goalkeeper for York University, National Title winner in 1977. Semi-professional in the National Soccer League with Toronto Ukrainian and co-ran camps with former English International goalkeeper and Canadian National Team coach Tony Waiters.