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Even though our daily lives have been temporarily upended or hindered, it’s not an excuse to sit back
and despair. Don’t look at this situation as a setback, but rather as an opportunity — an opportunity
to improve your coaching. You will be ready to reach/teach your players by understanding and applying the
“Perfect Soccer Practice Framework!”

Additional Notes…
I hope you enjoyed listening to this podcast as much as Gary & I enjoyed putting it together.

I am asking YOU (the listener) to join this discussion; because your input may help other coaches improve
themselves and their coaching.

Finally, I pray that everyone will take care of Themselves and their Loved Ones in 2021!

Your FUNdamental,
Koach Karl (Karl Dewazien)

Emeritus State DoC of California Youth Soccer Assoc. 1979-2012
Author – FUNdamental SOCCER Books Series
Producer – ‘FUNdamental SOCCER -Practice’ DVD.
Clinician at: