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Part Two: Between the Posts interviews Koach Karl

Listen to Part 2:

The mini-series continues to challenge traditional coaching methods and offers “Ideas That Actually Work!” Click here and join the discussion with an open-mind and note taking materials J

The commitment to the ‘player first’ mindset, by Tyler Vaughn and Koach Karl, will inspire your coaching and also challenge what has become the over complication of a simple game.

Here’s a recap of what was discussed in Episode #1:

• A Very Brief Introduction to the “9 Step Practice”

• Establishing a Theme

• Five R’s of Attack

  1. Read the Game
  2. Run to Attack
  3. Receive the Ball
  4. Retain the Ball
  5. Release the Ball

 Here is what is discussed in episode #2:

Five R’s of Defense

  1. Read the Game
  2. Run to Defend
  3. Ready Stance
  4. Reject Advancement
  5. Regain Possession

Step 1. Begin Practice: Discipline … Show & Tell

Step 2. Warm-Up: Figure 8 & Laying-out the environment

Team Vocabulary; Correcting Mistakes; Players teaching Players; Working with Backs-Midfielders & Forwards & much more…

Between The Posts is a podcast powered by revolutionary goalkeeper glove brand Renegade GK. Host, Tyler Vaughan.

The “9 Step Practice” was developed by Karl Dewazien, Emeritus State Director of Coaching for the California Youth Soccer Association and his State Instructional Staff.

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