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Part Four: A Unique Coaching Approach

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Introspective coaches ask, “Does ‘it’ happen in the game?”  If the answer is YES then they practice ‘it’ if NO then they do not practice ‘it’. Ex: Waiting in lines?

The extremely popular mini-series continues with Tyler Vaughn and Koach Karl discussing, in great detail, Steps 5 & 6 of the  ‘9-Step Practice’. This unique coaching approach developed over decades, when properly followed, has proven to improve players faster than traditional methods.

Step 5.  Half-time Break

  • Teach players what will take place: Rest, Water and Review of the first half ‘theme’.
  • Teach them how the ‘theme’ will be applied in the Second Half of Practice in Small Sided Games

Step 6.  Small Sided Games – Cooperative (+)


  • teach the players that there will be stoppages.
  • give them ‘Points of Refinement’ during the stoppage
  • help only  those who  need help
  • when possible begin by asking a question
  • expect them to learn the ‘theme’ in a controlled environment


  • Be prepared to stop play on the coaches signal
  • Be prepared to look/listen to the advice being offered
  • Be prepared to answer the questions being asked
  • Understand that your playing ability is not being questioned
  • Understand that the coach is trying to improve you as a player

Step 6.  Small Sided Games – Competitive (vs.)


  • observe & take notes of individuals progress of the ‘theme’
  • expect them to learn the ‘theme’ in an uncontrolled environment
  • most important – be verbally silent & let them play..!


  • test your ability to perform the ‘theme’ vs. real opposition
  • understand that the coach will not stop play at any time
  • you are now given the freedom to fail your way to success
  • you are now given the freedom to have fun & enjoy playing soccer


  • Games framed inside a set of rules to correct a weakness observed in the previous practice or game
  • Involves maximum number of players in a minimum amount of space.
  • Allow maximum touches of the ball in minimum amount of time.
  • Create atmosphere resulting in improving physical fitness, technique and variety to keep players interested.
  • Create an atmosphere where technique can be observed under game related conditions.
  • Allow the coach opportunities to coach without disrupting others.

Between The Posts is a podcast powered by revolutionary goalkeeper glove brand Renegade GK. Host, Tyler Vaughan.

The “9 Step Practice” was developed by Karl Dewazien, and his California Youth Soccer Association State Instructional Staff.

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