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Part Five: Uncomplicated, Devastatingly Effective

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Creative coaches are able to create specific rules/adjustments for practice games to correct weaknesses observed in the game.  Are you creative?

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Your proper use and understanding of Small Sided Games and Scrimmages both Cooperative & Competitive will help you become more creative –Guaranteed!

Tyler Vaughn and Koach Karl’s discussion continues by going into even greater detail of Steps -6 & 7 of the ‘9-Step Practice’.  This unique approach developed over decades, with its primary focus on Small Sided Games, has proven to improve players much quicker than traditional methods because:


  • Allow maximum touches of the ball in minimum amount of time.
  • Involves maximum number of players in a minimum amount of space.
  • Create an atmosphere where technique can be observed under game related conditions.
  • Create atmosphere resulting in improving physical fitness, technique and the variety to keep players interested


  • Play even or uneven sided games
  • Change the number of players on the field
  • Change the number of goals on the field
  • Change the number of balls on the field
  • Changes the number of ball-touches per player
  • Change the size of the playing area wider for attack
  • Change the size of the playing area narrower for defense
  • Have height limitation –ball may not go higher than knees
  • Use neutral players on or off the field
  • Use neutral zones on the field

Learn about this and other concepts as we continue our conversation above.

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