When it comes to getting stepped on by these new shoes, I can tell you that it really hurts. I was coaching a U8 (That’s Under- 8 years old) team a few years ago, and I was wearing a new light-weight turf shoe. A kid accidentally stepped on my foot with his bladed sole.

I absolutely screamed at how much it hurt. I didn’t go down like a sack of potatoes like many players do (Footballers Who Are Always INJURED! – YouTube), but I can confirm it hurts.

Shortly after that, I went back to my old fashion PUMA Kings made out of leather, giving way more protection.

“Bladed cleats are also very dangerous on turf. Cause a lot of injuries. Better to wear round cleats or turf shoes!” Carlos Gonzalez

“This is a trend with ball manufacturers, shoe manufacturers … etc. heck even our automobiles. It LOOKS similar … cheaper, thinner materials…. Oh! But it weighs nothing … more MPG in fuel, lighter on the foot …. SCAM city!” Sergio Menezes

Now here is one you all may be too young for. The best pair of boots I ever had were Adidas WM62’s. The upper was Kangaroo Leather, and the sole was real leather and molded into your feet. I once asked an Adidas Executive [he was old enough] about them, and he said they were lasting too long because of the leather sole, which meant they could be repaired 🙂 Tony Taylor

Note: This is not an endorsement for any brand of cleats but a warning for wearing bladed sole configured ones.