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Renowned Sports Psychologist Dr. Rob Bell, shares his Mental Toughness Insights after reading my latest article, ‘World Cup Takes Backseat!’

A study was conducted that looked at individuals’ names and the careers that they picked later in life, and the results were remarkable.

The study revealed that the number one name for Dentists was Dennis.

Now it doesn’t mean that every dentist out there is named Dennis, but merely that the names that we are called and associate with are what we gravitate toward later in life.

“Consequences” has a negative connotation to it. However, regardless of the connotation, there are simply natural consequences to any action in life.

Check out these mental toughness tips and others on being a great sports parent, and you’ll witness the positive difference in your relationship and your youth athlete’s performance as well.

There was this one athlete, and the parents introduced her as “Perfect little Rachel.”

And I’m wondering how long have they been calling her that?

Because perfection is a pretty high standard.

“Hey, here comes Johnny, our Star Forward.”

Whatever we are called is what we’re going to associate with, and that’s the natural consequence of labeling a child athlete. What happens with Johnny when he’s no longer the “Star Forward” or Rachel is no longer “Perfect”?

Whatever we want them to associate with is what we’ve got to call our athletes.

Here’s what we need to label them….

Call your athletes’ competitors!

Why? Because we can compete in anything in life.

The best type of mental toughness competition is always against ourselves.

It is not always about beating somebody else, but we can compete in being a friend. We can compete in being a good neighbor, being a great teammate, and doing well on a test.

We Can Always Compete!

And the more that we compete with ourselves, the better that we get. So, we don’t need to put pressure on individuals by calling them certain names like ‘Perfect ‘or ‘Recreational.’

Embrace ‘Competitor!‘ This Lifelong Mental Toughness Tip highlights the effects of labeling young athletes.

Then watch because that’s what they will become.  (Click For Video Presentation)

Koach Karl’s Notes:

Let’s unite to reshape our outlook. We can redefine players/coaches’ labels beyond ‘RECREATIONAL.’

Together, we hold the key to a brighter future for every child, offering them opportunities to play, learn, and flourish, regardless of their initial skills.

This shift isn’t just about individuals – it’s about creating an inclusive soccer community that fosters Development for All!

Dr. Rob Bell

* Dr. Rob Bell
Mental coach for multiple winners on the PGA Tour, Indy Eleven, and University of Notre Dame * Worked with a medalist at the Rio Olympics * Sport psychology coach for the 2013 USTA National Champion * Caddied over 20+ events on the PGA Tour * Written seven (7) books on Mental Toughness and has a fabulous sports psychology podcast- 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness  * About Dr. Bell - (