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“Since before 1984 when I started my coaching in the Yuba Sutter area we have successfully used the ‘Modified Laws of the Game’ following fields sizes, number of players per team and so on.


“Kids have the opportunity to spread-out, of course many prefer the tactical approach of a giant clump. At times there are even passes, as differentiated from an accidental extrication of the ball from the middle of a clump or a toe shot from Kahoona the defensive back.


“Coaches have the opportunity to assist their kids in learning how to use the field without being cramped and without being overwhelmed. As one looks at the Darwinian approach to human evolution he will see that there is a certain physiological logic behind these ‘Modified Laws.’”


Leonard J. Marks, MD

The field of play shall be rectangular. Its length should not be more than 50 yards (minimum 30 yards) and its width not more than 40 yards (minimum 20 yards).
The length in all cases should exceed the width.


  • Lines: Distinctive (at least 2-5 inches wide)

  • Halfway Line: Marked out across the field

  • Center Circle: Over Halfway Line with a 6 yard radius

  • Corner Arcs: Four (4) arcs, each with a 1 yard radius

  • Goal Area: Six (6) yards from each goal post and six (6) yards into the field of play, then joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line

  • Player/Coaches Area: Twenty (20) yards long; ten (10) yards down the touchline into each half of the field

  • Spectator Viewing Line: Five to ten (5 -10) yards from the touchlines and behind the Player/Coaches Area


  • Maximum Size: Six (6) feet high and six (6) yards wide

  • Minimum Size: Four (4) feet high and four (4) yards wide

  • US Soccer recommends four (4) feet high and six (6) feet wide

Necessary Actions

Learn to Coach the Modified Laws with the FUNdamental Practice