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“The habit of thinking in adult terms often means children lose out.  We tend to over-organize or blindly imitate the professional model.  Just because the adults play 11 vs. 11 we think our children must play the same game.  This is comparable to giving a child quadratic equation as an introduction to math at elementary school.  Absurd, yet we do it.


“Like any form of learning the problem set, be they soccer or math, must be reachable for children to obtain success and learn.  This is why modifying the game is so extremely important for children to enjoy and learn the sport.


“The purpose of using ‘Modified Laws of the Game’ is to offer young players the best possible outlet for their energies and dreams.”  


Graham Ramsay

Executive Director – The Soccer School

The field of play shall be rectangular. Its length should not be more than 70 yards (minimum 40 yards) and its width not more than 50 yards (minimum 35 yards).
The length in all cases should exceed the width.


  • Lines: Distinctive (at least 2-5 inches wide)

  • Halfway Line: Marked out across the field

  • Center Circle: Over Halfway Line with a 6 yard radius

  • Corner Arcs: Four (4) arcs, each with a 1 yard radius

  • Goal Area: Six (6) yards from each goal post and six (6) yards into the field of play, then joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line

  • Player/Coaches Area: Twenty (20) yards long; ten (10) yards down the touchline into each half of the field

  • Spectator Viewing Line: Five to ten (5 -10) yards from the touchlines and behind the Player/Coaches Area


  • Maximum Size: Six (6) feet high and six (6) yards wide

  • Minimum Size: Four (4) feet high and four (4) yards wide

  • US Soccer recommends four (4) feet high and six (6) feet wide

Necessary Actions

Learn to Coach the Modified Laws with the FUNdamental Practice