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“The creation of skill and a passion for the game occurs between the ages of six to twelve. With the correct environment throughout this age period players will both excel and become top players, or they will continue to enjoy playing at their own levels and enjoy observing the game at higher levels.


“Small-sided games in match play for our younger players create more involvement, more touches of the ball, exposure to simple, realistic decisions and ultimately, more enjoyment. Players must be challenged at their own age/ability levels to improve performance. The numbers of players on the field of play will affect levels of competition.


“Children come to soccer to have fun. They want to run, touch the ball, have the feel of the ball, master it and score. The environment within which we place players during training sessions and matches should promote all of these desires, not frustrate them.”


Thomas W. Turner, Ph.D.

OYSAN Director of Coaching and Player Development

The field of play shall be rectangular. Its length should not be more than 90 yards (minimum 50 yards) and its width not more than 60 yards (minimum 35 yards).
The length in all cases should exceed the width.


  • Lines: Distinctive (at least 2-5 inches wide)

  • Halfway Line: Marked out across the field

  • Center Circle: Over Halfway Line with a 6 yard radius

  • Corner Arcs: Four (4) arcs, each with a 1 yard radius

  • Goal Area: Six (6) yards from each goal post and six (6) yards into the field of play, then joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line

  • Penalty Area: Eighteen (18) yards from each goal post and eighteen (18) yards into the field of play, then joined by a line drawn parallel to the goal

  • Penalty Mark: Twelve (12) yards away from the goal line

  • Penalty Arc: Ten (10) yards away from the penalty mark

  • Player/Coaches Area: Twenty (20) yards long; ten (10) yards down the touchline into each half of the field

  • Spectator Viewing Line: Five to ten (5 -10) yards from the touchlines and behind the Player/Coaches Area


  • Maximum Size: Six (6) feet high and six (6) yards wide

  • Minimum Size: Five (5) feet high and five (5) yards wide

  • US Soccer recommends six (6) feet, six (6) inches high and eighteen (18) feet, six (6) inches wide

Necessary Actions

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