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Reading “Karl’s Komments” about what to do in Corona-time for individual players; it struck me
that most advise pointed in the direction of working on ball control skills and fitness.
There is nothing wrong, of course, with that advise; however, we must not forget that the most
important skills to use in our game are:
Passing – Receiving (and Scoring)

Soccer is a “passing game” where we need to get the ball from one side to the other side of the
field and try to score; that is the main objective.

Of course you need to bring yourself in a position that you can make yourself free but
always there needs to be a pass or shot after that.

In the late 80’s Wiel Coerver came to me and wanted to try out his methods with my soccer
coaches students. We rented some cottages in Holland with a nice soccer field next to it and
for a week we all worked on the Wiel Coerver moves. Wiel wanted our comments but as you probably
know after talking to him he had his own ideas and the rest is history.

I wrote in the years after that my own method, “Master the Ball” which built on what Wiel was
doing; but I brought more structure in the moves: back moves, side moves, faints and passing moves
(building up the resistance of the opponent in a couple of steps) and connected all moves with
passing or scoring opportunity.

We, as instructors for UEFA C, B and A, are still convinced that soccer is a passing game and
that in every training this item needs to be implemented as a major part of a training session.

Covid brings also a lot of possibilities to do this on your own or with a friend, like skill
practicing and condition but ………PASSING is number 1.

One example if you are by yourself: 1 player 1 ball, 2 cones and a wall.
A pass to the wall with left foot,
move to the other side receive ball with right
pass to the wall with right foot

B pass to the wall with left foot
Move to the other side
Pass to the wall with right foot

C game:
How many times right pass without mistake
How many times in one minute

Distance to the wall from 5-10 yds.
Increase & decrease distance to the wall
Distance between the 2 cones from big to small (4-2yds)

If you are with one friend: 2 players, 1 ball and 4 small goals.

A player A passes the ball to player B on his left or right side (10-15m)
Player B receives the ball returns to his/her position and does the same towards player A
receiving player shows which side he wants to have the ball
Show it by calling, body or head move
Show it when passing player is ready to pass.

B like 1 but passing player moves after his pass
receiving player looks up before he receives the ball
he controls the ball so that he can pass the ball back with one control touch or directly

C same as 2 but now in open space with 4 goals on the side line
Moving over the whole space
If possible every few passes after pass direct scoring in one of the goals

If you are with 2 friends: 3 players, 2 balls, 2 goals

A Player A passes to player B, B receives and passes back
A moves to left or right to receive ball back
B turns around same with player C
No passing from A or C before B asks for the ball.
Use both feet
Middle player also direct passing back
Switch position after 10x

B 3 players 1 ball
A passes to B , B passes back to A who asks the ball to the left or right
A passes to C and takes position of B, B takes position of A.
C passes to A, A passes back etc. etc.
No passing before asking by receiving player
Show the passing player in time where you want the ball by moving in that direction in time

C with scoring
A passes to B, B passes back to A,
A passes to C (left or right side)and C drops the ball for B to make it possible for him to score.
C and B switch position
Always starts where the ball is scored
Always ask for the ball before it is passed.

Enjoy your practice in Corona-time and work on your passing to be more effective when you return to your team training hopefully very/very soon…………………

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