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Untold Stories of American Soccer Coaches

Who Transformed the Game

Drawing on his intimate involvement as a coach for over thirty years and a dedicated member of the United Soccer Coaches for sixty years (including serving as its president in 1982 and 1983), the author Tim Schum draws upon the deep well of his personal experiences to fascinate and highlight previously untold stories that showcase coaches’ “Love of the Game” and their monumental efforts in transforming the sport in the United States.  Collectively, Schum makes a case that soccer coaches have had, thus far, an underappreciated role in that momentous sea change.

Jay Engeln, past President of United Soccer Coaches (NSCAA), has taken the time to write A Review of “Relentless”.   Excerpts from the review:

The book is a powerful collection of stories and interviews that captures the commitment, dedication, and challenges faced by the collective American soccer coaching community over generations of the sport’s evolution. Incorporating stories, interviews, fascinating moments, and memorable photos, Schum brings to vibrant life the history of this beautiful game in America. Through the power of personal narratives, he creates a vivid portrait of the growth of soccer from its early years to the present day. This book creates a compelling narrative while detailing the geographical development of the sport from coast to coast.

“Relentless” also focuses on the significant impact individual coaches have had in terms of cultivating “coaching trees.” As these pyramids of coaching expertise developed and were shared from generation to generation, they helped transform soccer into the beloved sport it is today. Thus, the passion, knowledge, and love of the game have been carried on in the hearts and minds of those coaches who followed in the footsteps of their mentors.

“Relentless” is a rich celebration of soccer coaching history in America and repeatedly illustrates the keystone element of coaching, the true essence of mentorship. The stories told by players of their coach’s powerful, lifelong impact on them are a common thread repeatedly throughout the book. The players’ stories underscore the truism that caring coaches, who nurture those under their charge, will set the conditions for long–term success in any endeavor.

The author highlights a figure whose contributions might not have gained widespread recognition in US Soccer history. This individual is acknowledged in the book as a pivotal player in the sport’s growth within the USA. As the book concludes, Schum expresses the hope that Karl Dewazien, while not a household name in the game’s history, will also receive due appreciation for his contributions to our country’s soccer ascendance.

The following quote from Koach Karl reflects the profound sense of humility and gratitude that underscores his enduring impact on the youth soccer community:

“I feel incredibly humbled and grateful to be acknowledged for my contributions to the Youth Soccer Community in the USA. The inclusion of my experiences in the esteemed book ‘Relentless’ is truly an honor that I deeply cherish. It serves as a testament to the passion and dedication of countless individuals who have tirelessly worked to shape the youth soccer landscape. I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity to share my journey, hoping that it may inspire others to make a positive impact in the realm of youth soccer. The recognition in ‘Relentless’ is not just a personal achievement, but a celebration of the collective efforts that have propelled the growth of the sport we love.”  Karl Dewazien

Don’t miss out on this remarkable book. Get your copy of ‘Relentless’ today and experience the captivating stories and insights that will inspire and deepen your appreciation for the beautiful game.


Tim Schum

Retired at Binghamton University. Senior Staff Coach National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) 1995 – 2012. Editor of the NSCAA's National Publication, Soccer Journal, from 1982-2004.