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A Better Dribbler

Q: I have a question. My 9 year old wants to get a lot better. Her skill level is about a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Koach Karl – How did you come-up with her skill level? What/who are you comparing her to? You do realize that it is not a good idea to compare your daughter’s ability to anyone else? There will always be someone better & someone weaker! She has tons of desire, but her biggest weakness is dribbling. How can I teach her to become a good dribbler? K – It is up to her to become a better dribbler if she wants to become a better dribbler! There is not much you can do to teach her -Sorry! However, you can create the environment in which she is inclined to ‘want to’ become better. I’m not much of a soccer coach, so [...]