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Dr. Leonard Marks is a specialist in Pediatrics and a Fellow at the American Academy of Pediatrics – Sutter North Medical Foundation. He coached the Marysville High School Varsity Soccer team for 21 seasons and was named the Sacramento-San Joqauin Section Model Coach of the Year in 2010.


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1907, 2017

A Synopsis on Stretching

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I just read an synopsis of an article from the Clinical journal of Sports Medicine involving stretching. The author, I. Shrier , did a major review of the literature and went through 138 articles involving stretching and sports. Of those 138, only 12 had control groups (one group with stretching and one without). In summary there is scant evidence that stretching reduces the risk of local muscle injury. The author then went back to the basic science literature to determine if there were [...]

110, 2016

A Primer on how not to run up the score

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For Coaches For Parents For Referees A Primer on how not to run up the score I really do not know how to begin this article.  I suppose I could begin with pithy statements about how demoralizing blowouts can be but I won’t (of course I just did).  What is more important is that you, the coach, know how to prevent a blowout with dignity.  In the list below I will present several techniques that have been and [...]

2501, 2016

Some of Mark’s Remarks

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For Coaches For Parents For Referees Some of Mark's Remarks Field Size: Since before 1984 when I started my coaching in the Yuba Sutter area we have successfully used the following field  sizes and numbers: U-8-- 7 on a field which is 25-30 X 50 yards Goals are 5' X 15' with a 6 X 15 goal/"penalty box U-10-- 9 on a 35-40 X 65-70 yard field. Goals are 6 X 18' goals and a penalty box [...]

401, 2016

Coach’s Survival Manual

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For Coaches For Parents For Referees Coach's Survival Manual  Coaching is a blast.  In the ideal world you will show up to practice 5 to 10 minutes early to greet the little bastions of soccer as they come to play.  The kids will all show up on time, listen to every word you utter, immediately grasp the theme of the practice, excel in the cooperative and competitive portions of the practice, have fun, be picked up on [...]