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Jackie is a 28-year-old California native living in Erfurt, Germany, and currently playing for FF USV Jena in the 1st Bundesliga. She recently earned her MBA at Arizona State University and studying studying for her German fluency certificate.

An inspiration to young players, she aims to provide solutions for young, high school, club, college and amateur players who want to further their careers in Germany, Europe or other cities abroad. Explore and discover more here!


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609, 2017

25 Years of Love

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Growing up playing in the AYSO in Northern California, we had a plethora of brilliant team names – Stingers (my personal favorite), Golden Stars, Black Beauties and the Devils. After graduating to the CYSA in middle school, I would be apart of the California Northstars until I graduated high school. We were not from a big, traditional club, but soon after our eclectic group of passionate, young girls came together on the field, we started our own traditions. Driving to [...]

1503, 2016

Germany: The Day I Landed (Part 1)

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For Coaches For Parents For Referees Germany: The Day I Landed (Part 1) Departing from Los Angeles International Airport on January 15, 2011, I was shocked when the chilly, 37-degree weather hit my California-tanned skin at the Hamburg airport. My 13-hour flight was delayed, of course, making the 3 other Americans and our coach wait an hour for my arrival. We finally met and greeted each other and headed to the parking lot. After loading the six [...]