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3006, 2019


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I am so tired of seeing great coaches not hired, kids not being selected, and soccer organizations making decisions based on egos and keeping adults happy, to the detriment of the kids. Here are examples of common situations and potential solutions: Adult Politics in Youth Sports:  Solution: We need good people to run for local sports boards. We need people who can see the big picture and beyond their child’s team. But perhaps, in the long run, I often wonder if [...]

3006, 2019

Ask the Experts

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This article by Koach Karl was originally published in the June edition of Sporting Kid Live by the National Alliance for Youth Sports. Q: What should a soccer coach’s practice philosophy be to make the most of the session? A: Begin by formulating your own practice philosophy. Although coaching uses various sciences, coaching itself is not a science. We all do it a little differently and no one may dictate to you which philosophy to accept. You must develop your [...]

1706, 2019

‘THE’ Root Cause

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My personal opinion is that our players do not play pick-up games ‘street soccer’ simply because no one has taught them how! I am positive that many of you don’t believe me. So, I am encouraging you to try the following experiment at your next practice… Get to the field at your usual time and lay all of your equipment, balls, cones, flags, bibs, goals, etc. in one central spot on the field. As the players arrive greet them and [...]

306, 2019

Learning from FIFA’s #1

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If Belgium can have such dramatic player development results by simply administering ‘7 Common Sense Principles’ – Why Can’t We?  I passionately believe that Kris Van Der Haegen’s ‘7 Principles’, if properly applied, can dramatically improve the playing environment and player development in District-7.  That is why I encourage every coach to read the ‘Principles’ and urge Directors of Coaching to implement them –Immediately!  1. PLAYER-CENTERED APPROACH One of the main principles is that the main actor is the player; [...]

2005, 2019

I want YOU to read this again

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An overwhelming number of readers have asked, “If Belgium can have such dramatic player development results by simply administering ‘7 Common Sense Principles’ – Why Can’t We?  Stan Baker, included in his brilliant book “Our Competition Is the World,” the following rational explanation:   “Developing a coaching philosophy is similar to developing a road map for traveling. Just as there are no two roads that follow the exact same path, no two coaching philosophies will ever be exactly alike. Coaching philosophies may take [...]

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