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It’s Not Over… Until The Paperwork Is Done.

Upon completion of a match, the referee crew has the crucial responsibility of filing a comprehensive and accurate report and promptly forward it to the designated authority.

The content of the report depends on the occurrences during the match:

  • At a minimum, the report must include details of any disciplinary actions (cautions or send-offs) and goals scored, including the time of each incident and the names and jersey numbers of the individuals involved.
  • Additionally, a brief explanation is required for any serious injuries, misconduct (yellow or red cards), or any extraordinary events that directly affected the match, leading to suspension, termination, or abandonment.

To compile an accurate game report, each member of the referee crew should maintain meticulous notes throughout the match.

During halftime and again after the match, officials should collaborate to verify the accuracy of the information with the referee.

When documenting events such as goals, cautions, send-offs, or serious injuries, it is generally recommended to follow the TLR method.

  • The Trail official, positioned furthest from the event, should write first.
  • Followed by the Lead official.
  • Finally, the Referee.

Adhering to the TLR method ensures that one official is focused on writing while others supervise the field. Although the TLC method may be altered based on the circumstances surrounding the stoppage of play:

  • Simultaneous writing by the crew is discouraged to prevent leaving the field unsupervised.

It is essential for each crew member to come prepared before stepping onto the field:

  • Wearing a watch.
  • Having paper, pencil, and pen are necessary for recording events accurately.
  • Flags are also crucial.

In the event that the referee becomes incapacitated or has to leave for an emergency:

  • Prepared Other Officials (formerly Assistant Referees) must carry a coin, whistles, and cards to seamlessly take over the referee’s duties and conclude the match.
Pat Ferre

US YOUTH SOCCER (2021 Volunteer of the Year) USSF Referee Grade 15 Emeritus USSF Referee Instructor USSF Referee Assessor USSF Referee Assignor District-7 Youth Referee Administrator (DYRA)