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In My Experience

In my experience, how you engage with a player in their early years is different than how you engage with a player in the teen years.  As players get older, you tend to shift more accountability and responsibility to them rather than the parents.  That said, there are some characteristics that I think make for a great coach regardless, and they are:

  • Ensure that players are having fun.
  • Empathy and understanding for their players.
  • Engaging the players with dignity and respect.  
  • Coaching is done in your training sessions or on the sideline when off the field.
  • Model how to engage with referees and other coaches positively. 
  • Not yelling from the sidelines – let the players figure out how to play the game.
  • Remember that we are here to develop players, not win games at this age group.

I hope this helps. cheers!


Koach Karl’s Notes:

Thank You – Thomas, for sharing the characteristics that you think make for a Great Coach, and Yes, this helps..!

I hope you (readers) enjoyed this article and are looking forward to reading and gleaning advice in future articles on this theme to improve yourself.  And then take the time to share ‘it’ with coaches in your soccer community.

I also encourage you to join this discussion because your advice may help improve another youth soccer coach …Priceless..!

Your FUNdamental, Koach Karl (Karl Dewazien)

Thomas Sowinski

Secretary US Youth Soccer, Member US Soccer Youth Council