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A Challenge

It is difficult to put a challenge on the computer; I would rather look YOU straight in the eye Coach and say,
“I Dare YOU To Teach/Encourage; Your Players to Play (Soccer) Each And Every Day”!
In my mind that is exactly what I am doing. I am on one side of this screen. You are on the other.
I am looking straight at you and saying, “I Dare YOU To Teach Your Players to Play (Soccer) Each And Every Day”!

Notice that I did not say ‘Practice’ every day. What I want you to do is teach them to PLAY every day! To be more specific:

“I Dare You To Teach Them to PLAY; The 1 vs. 1 Game Every Day”

Let them know that all they need is a partner, an open area and four markers to get started.
No, they don’t need an ‘official’ grass field with touch/goal lines, a goalkeeper and a goal.
All they really need is an area that is safe! Tell them to avoid any area that has holes, sprinklers,
or other items that could cause an injury. Finally, ask them to remove glass, rocks and other potentially
harmful objects before they start to play!

Then, teach them to agree on what they will use to make their goals; any objects like shoes, shirts, bags,
cups, etc. can be used to mark-out a goal.

Making two small goals is very easy teach them at practice:

-With feet together hold ‘an object’ in each out-stretched hand.
-Move the right foot as far as they can.
-Place the marker outside of the right foot.
-Bring feet back together.
-Do the same thing on the left side.
-There is a perfect goal for the 1 vs. 1 game.
No, they don’t need cones or an ‘official’ goal to PLAY 1 vs. 1.
As a matter of fact milk containers filled with water or sand work very well!

Teach them to have a coin toss or some other way to decide who ‘serves’ the ball to start the game.
Starting the game with ‘a serve’ is the fairest way to begin the game.
Here are some other Rules you can teach them to use:
-No out of bounds
-With out of bounds
-First to 11 goals – wins
-The one with the most goals at end of a time limit – wins
-They can score from either side of the goal
-They can only score from a certain distance
-The ball must ‘roll’ between the markers for a score
-The ball can ‘bounce’ between the markers for a score
-They can score by making a terrific tackle
-They can score by beating the opponent with a great fake
-They can only score by dribbling the ball through the markers
-Help them Make up their own rules!!!

Point out to them that it is a great idea to keep a ‘Record Chart’ of their 1 vs. 1 games results.
They should include the Time, Date, Opponent and Score on this Chart. Have them put their chart on
the refrigerator or some other ‘special’ place in their house. Then, post the scores of the ‘daily’
game results. Finally, agree on a reward to be given to the winner at the end of a week, couple of
weeks or the end of each month.

Hey, why not suggest to them and their friends to organize a 1vs. 1 ‘Neighborhood World Cup’ tournament!
Keep a ‘Neighborhood Chart’. Have them ask a local store owner to put the chart in a ‘special’ place in
the store. Again, post the scores of the ‘daily’ game results. Finally, ask the owner to provide a reward
to be given to the winner at the end of each month.

In time these 1 vs. 1 games will instill in them the two most important habits that will make them the
best soccer player they can be.
-First, they will develop the habit of ‘Attacking’ when they have the ball.
-Second, they will develop the habit of ‘Defending’ when they do not have the ball.

You will be amazed at the tremendous progress your players will make in fitness, confidence and ball skills
by playing 1 vs. 1 games every day before the season will hopefully begin.

I Dare You to Teach Your Players To Play (1 vs. 1 Soccer) Every Day…
So that they can ‘Attack & Defend’ – Come What May!